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  • Check the spelling of the words you used in your search, this is the number one reason searches fail.
  • Less is more. Too many keywords can constrain your search. Use fewer keywords to find more results, e.g. conduct a search for "O'Reilly" to find all titles by O'Reilly and Associates.
  • When searching, always remember to select the search type using the drop down menu next to the search field. If you're searching within a subject category, choose a broader subject category for more results.
  • If there is punctuation in your search term, make sure it is correct or try the search with no puntuation at all.
  • When searching by title, enter the main words of the title. It's best if you leave out common words such as the. For example, "Little House Prairie" will find the popular children's book.
  • Use the ISBN number when searching for a book. An ISBN number search is the most accurate way to locate your book. You can usually find a book's ISBN number on the back cover or the copyright page.
  • Check the spelling of the words you used in your search. Yes, we already said this but we can't stress this enough.
  • Use keywords that are unique to the book your searching for.
  • When searching by keyword, just use "key words", and leave out words like "a, and, of, the, to".
  • For keyword searches, enter one or more keywords using any combination of the author's name, the book's title, and/or a subject heading. If you use more than one keyword, our search engine will restrict the results to books that each match all the keywords you enter. But remember, more words = less results.
  • Try your search using only the author's last name.
  • If you still have trouble finding your book with our search engine, try using one of our bookstores search engines. All of our stores use different sources of data and varying ways of accessing that data and you may find that this works for you. Once you've located your book, make note of the ISBN number, then just return to our site and search by ISBN for the lowest price.
  • Let us locate your book for you, click here.

  • For a broader search of our site please use our Google Search feature.

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